Truckload & Less-than-truckload Shipping


We offer LTL service for orders from one to seven pallets, up to 10,000 Lbs. We can ship your product on our thoroughly vetted, reliable network of regional and long-haul carriers throughout all of North America. We will search our network of LTL providers to identify the highest quality, fastest, most cost-effective solution that achieves our vested partnership goals

We cut through the LTL discount game. We present our pricing as bundled pricing, so you know what you will pay before you book a shipment. If there are any changes, you will be notified when the shipping parameters change, and what amount you will be billed for. Say goodbye to surprise charges and hidden fees. We will help you to understand what you are paying for and the services you are getting. This is our commitment to you.

Partial Truckload Shipments

With Partial Truckload Shipments, we evaluate the load, and if it is greater than seven pallets or over 10,000 Lbs., we will change the shipment from LTL to partial, saving the client money. Where most providers are looking to make the most profit off of every load they move for you, we are working for the most efficient method of transportation that allows us to maintain a long-term relationship that is beneficial for both parties. There are several advantages to partial truckload shipping, including lower risk of damaged items, the shipment is handled less often, lower prices, and faster transit times.

When will my delivery be considered a partial truckload shipment?

Orders are considered partial shipments when the order exceeds 10,000 Lbs., if the delivery is light, however, takes up a significant amount of space (dimensional weight), the number of pallets in the order exceeds seven pallets.

Truckload Shipments

PLG has developed partnerships in the TL industry that specialize in managing full truckload shipments. Our motor network is over 20,000 strong, and because of our transportation management system, finding and securing a qualified carrier for our Customer’s shipments is up to 30% faster than our competitors. Truckload shipments offer many advantages, including no interaction with other loads, dedicated transit times, and max weights from 46,000 to 50,000 Lbs. Our TL fleet features: