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After working in the freight industry for 20+ years there is one truth, volume dictates pricing. The largest of volumes are held by forwarders. Traditionally, the larger forwarders focus on sales and customer service. Our focus is on the final market and final market delivery services that our customers expect.

Our providers are experienced in providing Residential White Glove deliveries and basic setups of televisions to include placement, light assembly and connection to a single source receiver. This has been achieved through our commitment to training expectations and open communication to ensure understanding. This allows us to minimize difficulties for our final market providers while maximizing benefits for our customers.

Most providers rely of customers that consist of Original End Manufacturers and Freight forwarders to generate volume and revenue for their business. Large volume from fewer customers allows vendors to provide best-in-class service. Larger volume allows for better optimization of systems and routes to improve overall efficiency. PLG also manages forwarder relations, bringing multiple forwarders and their volumes under one entity, and allowing providers to focus on what they do best.

We begin with bundled pricing to develop a complete market solution for all of our customers. This allows us to work with our provider network to ensure a complete coverage map for every market. The bundled pricing’s largest benefit provides the ability to remedy one of the largest problems in the freight industry; the ability to predict the cost of delivery. Traditional services offer 70% tariff discount, but until their bill arrives, you won’t be sure what the cost of the delivery is. Bundling our services also allows us to eliminate accessory charges and hidden fees.


Traditional Delivery Services PLG 2-Person White Glove Delivery
Residential Delivery$10
Extra Man$25
Inside Delivery$10
Debris Removal$10
Total Total
$75.50 $60.00

Bundle pricing is a consistent method used to combine Individual Services into a single comprehensive service offering. Through bundle pricing, one can avoid the margins associated with individualized services.

ACI developed is standard zoning that allows for pricing to be standardized. Unfortunately the ACI structure is not consistent with costs that providers are incurring for deliveries. The key factors to pricing are mileage, manpower and time. While a lot of the ACI zones make sense, there are more instances where you will drive through one zone in order to return to another. This causes difficulties for providers, and mileage and time are impacted, but not compensated.

Absolutely. We can manage ACI zones within our system, and still produce a standardized rate that allows for as much simplicity as possible.

Depending on the size of the account, it can be anywhere from two to six weeks. We realized that timing is of paramount importance, however, execution and quality are vital to the foundation of a vested partnership and the clients ultimate success. Using our Lean/Six Sigma methodology, we try to minimize the learning curve and stabilize the partnership as quickly as possible. This is possible by identifying project expectations and key performance indicators at the beginning of the partnership.

We customize our solutions for each customer in order to integrate as quickly as possible. Below is a brief overview of the process.

  1. Create & Sign Contract.
  2. Schedule a planning consultation.
  3. Draft a charter.
  4. Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  5. Implement rates.
  6. User Acceptance Testing.
  7. Go Live!
  8. Prove stability & client benefits.

Precision Logistics Group is a non-asset based provider specializing in Final Market delivery. we have relationships throughout the logistics industry that allow us to focus on only the optimum solution for both customers and providers. We currently work directly with forwarders to supply their final Market Solutions.

PLG has a standardized Non-Disclosure Agreement that both parties sign during preliminary proposal development. Strict confidentiality and data security measures are employed.