About Us

Precision Logistics Group (PLG) specializes in completing the supply chain in the final market for the Freight Forwarding community. PLG has the most dynamic last mile solution in the industry managing everything from Residential Threshold Delivery to White Glove Installation, allowing you to fully realize your market potential.

Meet the Team

Mike O'Hair

Chief Executive Officer

Mike entered the freight forwarding industry in 2005 and has managed and developed white glove vendor networks for multiple nationwide logistics companies, including PLG, which he co-founded in 2010. Over his career, Mike has experienced all facets of the industry, from warehouseman to CEO and all experiences have amassed a thorough knowledge of the last mile industry.

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Chris Rudie

Chief Operating Officer

Chris made his introduction into the logistics industry in 2005 where he coordinated International Ocean and Air shipments for 2 organizations. In 2007 he moved into the freight forwarding industry working in Route Operations and Pricing for cross country shipments and managing a dispatch team.

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Why PLG?

PLG takes the same care and detailed approach to develop the best solution for your organization whether you are a larger national organization or a local delivery company. PLG wants to understand your business needs and develop the most cost-effective solution for your business while nurturing a long-term partnership with your organization.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, take the next step and contact PLG to learn more about how a Vested Partnership with us can work for you. PLG believes freight forwarders run more efficiently and profitably when service expectations are defined at the initiation of the relationship.